Student Expections

Students are expected to be respectful to other students and adults at all times. They must sign and be in compliance with contracts that relate to academics, behavior, attendance and Rocket Stages.

The Academic Contract stipulate that students must be proficient academically, earning a minimum passing grade of C- according to the following schedule:

Toledo Early College
  • Freshmen must be pass 75% of their high school schedules
  • Sophomores must pass 80% of their high school schedules
  • Juniors must pass 90% of their high school and college schedules
  • Seniors must pass 95% of their high school and college schedules

NOTE: The grade scale is based on the grade scale for The University of Toledo:

  • 96-100 A
  • 93-95 A-
  • 91-92 B+
  • 88-90 B
  • 85-87 B-
  • 82-84 C+
  • 78-81 C
  • 75-77 C-
  • Less than 75: Non-Proficient

*Please note there are no D’s at Toledo Early College High School

The Attendance Contract is based on yearly vs. semester attendance.

  • Tardy to class three (3) times: Detention assigned and absence recorded for the period.
  • Four absences: Grade will be dropped by one letter.  For example, an A- will become a B-
  • Six absences: Grade will be F-

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • Complete Rocket Stages Each Semester
  • Complete Measurements of Academic Progress (MAP) Tests Each Semester
  • Follow the school dress code
  • Remain eligible to participate in all extra curricular activities and events by avoiding Saturday School and/or Detentions

Behavior Contract

  • Treat everyone respectfully.
  • Fights and/or physical altercations will result in permanent expulsion