Dual Credit - High School and College Credits

Students can earn up to sixty (60) college credits during the four-year high school experience. College-level courses and required textbooks are provided at no cost to students. College courses qualify for dual credits, allowing them to be counted for high school and college credits. Students will earn credits that will be recorded officially and permanently on TPS and UT transcripts.

Students are scheduled carefully into college courses with the assistance of the high school counselor and an advisor from the University of Toledo.

Freshmen and sophomores take cohort college courses on the Scott Park campus. The cohort concept allows only our students to take the courses with UT professors and it teaches our students how to rely on each other for support.

As juniors and seniors, students travel free on the University Shuttle to the UT Bancroft campus for college courses. Upper classmen have the option of scheduling college courses with their high school counselor and UT advisor.

For example, a composition course is a required English course. Three-to-four of our students can choose to register for the same section of the course. There is a limit to the number of high school students allowed in sections of UT courses. It is imperative that the climate and culture of a college classroom is sustained.