Toledo Early College

All students who apply to Toledo Early College High School are considered, including students who are serviced through Individual Educational Plans. However, preference is given to students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • First generation to attend college (defined as a parent who has earned an associates degree)
  • Eligible for free or reduced lunch program
  • Minority status
  • English as a Second Language Learner
  1. Students and parents must attend an open house to learn about the program’s expectations, requirements and important dates. 
  2. Immediately following the open house, parents are encouraged to complete the application to Toledo Early College.
  3. Upon receipt of the application, each student’s academic, and standardized test scores are accessed. Please note: If the student who applies is from TPS, we can obtain the records. If the student attends a non TPS school, parents must request the records to be sent to Toledo Early College HS. We can not consider the application until all records have been received and reviewed.
  4. Records are reviewed by the school staff to make an initial determination regarding the student’s status in terms of taking entrance tests. The initial determination is based on
    • Grades in the four core subjects: English, mathematics, science and social studies
    • The most recent Ohio State tests.
  5. Each student whose records meet our expectations is invited to take assessments in mathematics and reading, as well as participate in a personal interview to determine if the applicant is confident, is a spontaneous and independent thinker, and is self-motivated. Interviews are conducted by one staff member and two students.
  6. Students who pass our assessments will attend a final interview with the principal and a teacher.
  7. All students are tentatively accepted, depending on final grades, attendance and behavior.
  8. Students and parents are required to attend a Mandatory Pre-Orientation meeting the 3rd Saturday in May.
  9. Students will begin their humanities (English and Social Studies) curricula during the summer. Summer reading all related materials are given to students during the Mandatory Pre-Orientation meeting.
  10. Students report to school the second week in August.